Congratulations on the birth, or expected birth of your baby!

You probably did not expect to hear that your baby would be born with Down syndrome. None of us do. You may be surprised and upset to learn the news, although you know that your baby is a wonderful addition to your family, these emotions take time to process. There may be fears and concerns– these are all OK at this stage. Remember that in most ways, your baby will be like any other infant – your baby needs to be fed, held and most of all, more ...

The Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton was formed to provide a support forum for families looking to share their feelings and concerns.

This mission continues as we help new parents to learn more about Down syndrome and the impact on their families. You can count on DSAH to be supportive and informative. As we grow as community, we hope you will be involved in our many activities and services. We create connections for families looking for emotional support!

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Each year, professionals from a range of fields including academia, primary and secondary school, medical and social services, among others, approach the Down Syndrome Association of Hamilton looking for up-to-date information to help them meet the needs of a client or a student with Down syndrome.

The Association can make available experienced members who would be delighted to attend and conduct information seminars to assist in training of new, young professionals as they study what Down syndrome is all about.
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